Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smile & Move

Smile & Move. A "Smove-ment" that is taking the world by storm. From the great creaters of Smile & Move, Sam Parker and his team inspire those to always think positive and reach greater levels of success!

"From the bestselling author of 212° the extra degree®, Smile & Move™ is the latest way to encourage you and those around you to greater levels of service and contribution.
It’s all about attitude and action. Being positive and having a sense of urgency. Being pleased to serve. Having effect. Mattering to the world, all with a smile."

Smile & Move provides insightful information for clients, team leaders and those in need of a positive boost! If you are a leader of a team, at everything you need is at your fingertips! But you might ask, how do I Smile & Move? Taken from the great book self titled, this is how you Smile & Move:

Be happy.
Wake up.
Show others you care by giving attention to their needs. More
Be thankful.
The opportunity to serve is a gift... not an entitlement. More
Be approachable.
We're at each other's service, and contact is where it starts. More
Complain less.
We've got work to do. More
Smile. Really.
It's where pleasantness begins. More

MOVE Do something.
Start early & go long.
Get lost in your service to others. More
Exceed expectations.
Dismiss mediocrity. Expect more from yourself. More
Have a sense of urgency.
Predict and pre-sweat the details for others. More
Be resourceful & resilient.
Service is about giving someone what they need... no matter what. More

If you follow this advice everyday, you will be successful in your personal and professional life.
I strongly suggest you become apart of this movement! Go to to order books, media, apparel, posters and more! You can even order meeting and presentation packs to get your team involved in the Smovement.

Enjoy this Smovie brought to you by the group!

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Special thanks to Sam Parker for helping us all smove better!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Benefits of Using Staffing Agencies

Should Your Business Use a Staffing Agency?
YES, YES, YES! – You should consider using a staffing agency because we save you money. We eliminate the direct burden of workers’ compensation costs and potential legal exposure, which can be significant expenses. Using a staffing agency also gives you the flexibility to release the worker without any cost to you and you won’t be responsible for unemployment costs either. The average cost of a new hire is $7,000.00 and we are able to substantially reduce that cost for you by taking on these extra burdens.

Staffing agencies offer customized recruiting, screening and training to identify the true talent. We aggressively recruit candidates and keep a large database of highly skilled talent to fit your every need. We guarantee to match you with the right talent – the first time. We also offer heavy screening to ensure that you are receiving an A+ employee. We do comprehensive drug screening, background checks, credit checks, motor vehicle reports and more.

If you are having trouble finding the right employee from your job posting, have no fear. We will post your open positions on various websites for free! We run “blind ads” so job seekers are not pounding down your door. They come to us; our pre-screening efforts are number one so we are able to weed out the bad candidates and only provide you with the best matches.

Work doesn’t stop when someone has to leave on an emergency in the middle of the busiest season or when your employees take vacation; someone needs to always be available. Staffing agencies can fill these temporary assignments. We can also fill temporary to permanent and direct placement needs; offering you a range from seasonal/short-term work all the way to long-term full-time careers. Your staffing agency is an important partner of your management team, one that helps lead your company to success.
Contributed by Krysta Grizzard, Staffing Manager, Employment Trends,
Posted by Ina at Other Creations. For more insiteful information like this, check out Ina's blog at . Many thanks to Ina for posting this article on her Blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wasteful Spending

Wasteful spending; that's what it boils down to. With the population of America being roughly 307,212,123 how many of them do you think threw away millions and trillions of dollars on everyday spending? Doesn't seem like it's their fault they are having to feed their children scraps and survive off the belongings they sell. Funny how it works though. We're in debt as a nation, but actors, actresses and lets make it simple, all those above middle and lower class are still doing pretty good.

The outstanding public debt of the United States as of May 16th, 2009 is
$11,277,585,122,500.35 So, because of the wasteful spending, each citizen share the debt of almost $37,000.00 each! Disgusted? Feel free to contact your congress: . But hey! Have no fear; the latest article I read informed us that our government is concerned of the deficit we are currently facing. Thanks, I appreciate your empathy.

If you had any pull in helping this nation, what needs to be done? We could always produce more US Dollars so we are not so far in debt right? I mean, the value of the US dollar in other regions is already below what it should be.
US Dollars: $1.00 equals .74 cents in Euro
US Dollars: $1.00 eguals .65 cents in British Pounds
But lets end on a positive note here. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you'll want to go to Japan. An American dollar in Japan makes you rich!
US Dollars: $1.00 equals $95.00 in Yen! So, book those flights and party it up in Japan because you won't be able to in American again.

Blogger World Introduction

Well, I've made it into the Blogging World. Now I just have to talk about issues people care about.

Got questions? I've got answers.

Are you a job seeker trying to make a fancy resume but striking out? Let me have a look and I'll help you out.

Are you a recruiter having trouble closing deals? I got some incite for you that will help you bust that bottom line wide open.

Maybe a client looking for recruiters that know what they are doing and do it right? I'm here for you.

I'm here to talk about all the many phases of recruiting; best ways to close deals, for the job seeker; what will put you above the rest and the do and don't of business.